Manage Employee Access

Employee Management is a feature that built to help owners Employee Access, Slots, and PIN Access according to their business needs.

Benefit of Employee Management feature, such as:

  • Help our merchant to manage access be more flexible.
  • Help our merchant to control their operations without worry about security.
  • User can edit their employees without need to delete and re-invite employees anymore.
  • Helping owners to share their responsibilities with their employees according with roles created.
  • Assist owners by supporting their operational security with the PIN Access.

Setup your staff role according to your business needs.

There are two default roles, Administrator and Cashier. You can use or change default access for those roles directly or create other roles.

Note: Administrator is created as special role that can access Employee Slots menu on Employees page and manage all your employees. This role cannot be deleted by the owner.

  1. Go to Employees > Employee Access.

  2. Click “Create Employee Role” on top right corner page.

  3. Check the App Permissions and Backoffice Permissions checkboxes to select role permissions.

  4. Click “Create” to create the role and its access..

  5. Point Privilege(s) icon on Access column to see list of role privileges.

  6. To edit employee access, click on the role and tick on the app or backoffice permissions checkbox and click “Save”.
  7. Point Employee(s) icon on Employee Assigned column to see list of assigned employees.
    Click "Administrator" role.

    Note: this is special role and only this role that can access Employee Slots page besides owner and also cannot be deleted by owner.

    Click "Cashier" role

    Note: This role cannot be deleted if associated with one or several employees. It can be deleted if there is no employees assigned or associated with the role.

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