How to Add Employee Slots

You can add employees to the employee slots by inviting them. Employees that you invite will have access some menus and sub menus on Moka App and website depends on what permissions access that you set on the Employee Access menu.

Note: You can also add new employee slot if you have more than 5 employees per outlet.

  1. Go to Employees > Employess Slots.

  2. Click “Invite Employee”.

  3. Fill in your employee information such as First Name, Last Name, Email, and Phone Number.
  4. On the employee role dropdown menu, select which role you want to assign for your employees.
  5. You can assign a PIN to your employees if needed. Checklist on Assign a PIN and input 4 digits PIN

    Note: The PIN will be used for authorization code if PIN Access functionality is ticked in the PIN Access section. Please share this PIN only with your employees that will be accountable for App Permissions activities. (at least there’s one employee has PIN for each outlet).

  6. Click “Assign Outlet” and check the outlet(s) checkbox on the pop up message that you want to assign to your employee.
  7. Click “Assign” on the pop up message.

    Note: The employee that are assigned as Administrator role will be able to access Employees menu on Employees page and manage employee assigned to the same outlet.


  8. Input description if you want to add the information of your employee on the description field (e.g Join Date).
  9. Click “Invite” on bottom right corner page.

  10. You will see success notification “Employee was successfully saved” on the top page and employee name will be shown into the employee slot.

  11. Employee that was successfully saved need to open email that was inputted on the employee details.
  12. Click “Sign Up” on the employee email confirmation.
  13. Create password on the employee registration page for login purposes.
  14. Click “Create Employee Account” and employee can start login to mobile devices.
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