Edit Loyalty Program

Edit/update your Loyalty Program at any time. The changes will immediately implemented to all of your outlets in real time. If you want to edit/update you program, we advise you to do it outside your outlet’s operation hour, and make sure all of your staffs are aware with the changes, so they can communicate the changes properly to all of your member.

  1. Go to Customers > Loyalty Program.
  2. Click Edit Program at the top right corner page

  3. Edit your program rules and configuration, you can:
    • Change the point gain rule
    • Change the reward schemes
    • Add or remove rewards
    • Change the program configuration

    Click Save to continue.

  4. Review the program rules and configuration that you made, click Confirm Program to create the program or click Back to revise the program

  5. Click OK on the confirmation popup.

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