How to Create Sales Type

This feature allows you to manage order based on Sales Type like Dine In or Take Away. By using this feature, you can also set which item in transaction will be applied gratuity or not. For example, a restaurant might have a gratuity or service charge for Dine In order and not for Take Away order.

Before you create Sales Type, make sure to do it not at your outlet’s operation hour. This feature works for Android user Moka Version 8.2 and for iPad user Moka Version 16.0.

Here are the steps.

  1. Go to LIBRARY.

  2. Click Sales Type.

  3. Click Create Sales Type.


  4. Fill in the Sales Type name.


  5. Assign and tick gratuity for your Sales Type. By not assigning the gratuity in create Sales Type process, any transaction will not be applied gratuity under this Sales Type.


  6. Click Save to apply Sales Type to the current outlet or Save to All Outlets to apply Sales Type for all outlets.

Once you have created Sales Type, the gratuity calculation will follow the gratuity from the Sales Type. If you want to know how to use Sales Type on mobile apps, click Implement Sales Type on Your Tablet or click Implement Sales Type on Your Smartphone.

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