How to Create Ingredients

You can create ingredients to create recipes and track the ingredients expenses of your business. Creating recipes is significant for food & beverages industry because it will provide a better ingredient stock report. If you activate your inventory tracking, the stock of your ingredients will be deducted  automatically.

Notes: You will receive low ingredient stock summary report daily if you subscribe to the inventory alert email.

Here are the steps to create ingredients: 

  1. Visit Moka backoffice

  2. Select menu INGREDIENT


  3. Choose Ingredient Library.


  4. Click Create Ingredient.


  5. Fill in the ingredient name, ingredient category, and image of the ingredient.


  6. Insert the unit name of stock (For example: Litre, Kg, Pieces, etc).


  7. Click Start Tracking Ingredient Inventory and Alerts if you want to track inventory and alert once your stock supply is low.


  8. Place the number of the current stock in the In Stock field and the amount to inform you how to restock in the Alert At field.


  9. Click Confirm.


  10. Click Start Tracking Cost of Good Sold (COGS) if you want to track COGS for the ingredient.


    • If clicked Start Tracking Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), fill in the average cost amount per unit. Please ensure that the average cost amount is in per unit and inserted correctly because you cannot edit the average cost once inputted.

      Notes: If you made a mistake inputting the amount price, you can edit by clicking Start Tracking COGS, uncheck Track COGS checkbox, and Save. However, we advise you not to change the amount of the average cost since it will change your gross profit and inventory report.


  11. Click Save to create only to current outlet or Save to All Outlets to create the ingredient for all outlets.


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