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Ingredient feature allows you to manage and update your ingredient inventory automatically from each item you have sold. For example, if you sell a chicken fried rice, you will need to create ingredient and the recipe consist of rice, egg, chicken, soy sauce and salt. The ingredients’ stock will automatically deduct from your inventory when the product has been sold.

Before creating a recipe, you need to create the ingredient you plan to track first. Creating ingredient manually is recommended if you have fewer than 50 ingredients. Otherwise, you can create the ingredient by using bulk import.

  1. Go to Library > Ingredient Library.
  2. Click Create Ingredient on the top right corner.
  3. Fill in the ingredient information (Ingredient Name, Category, and Image). Note: If you have an image of the ingredient, we suggest you to use square and high-resolution image.
  4. Fill in the unit name of stock (e.g Litre, Kg, Pieces, etc).
  5. Click Start Tracking Ingredient Inventory and Alerts if you want to track inventory and alert the low stock.
  6. Fill in the current stock in the In Stock field and the alert level of low stock in Alert At field. You will receive the daily summary of low stock ingredient if you subscribe to the inventory Alert email. After all set, click Confirm.
  7. Click Start Tracking Cost of Good Sold (COGS) if you want to track COGS for the ingredient.
  8. Fill in the average cost amount per unit. Make sure the amount should be per unit, because it will be calculated automatically into ingredient COGS when you create the recipe. The avg cost amount you have input cannot be edit so please make sure it is correct.

    You can re-input the avg cost and stock amount if you are doing mistake to input the amount price by clicking saved button after uncheck the tracking cogs. But we advise you to not change the avg cost amount since it will change the gross profit and inventory. We do not have the COGS and inventory history feature yet so you cannot track who, when and how much the COGS and stock are changed.

  9. Click Save to save to current outlet or Save to All Outlets to create the item for all outlets.

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